WOD 181021

Part 1-

Barbell Z- press– 5-5-5-5

Part 2-

2-4-6-8-10… etc
Alt' DB snatch 30/20kg
Box jump overs

* אימון קצר- 7 דק'- המטרה לנסות ולא לשבור את העבודה. נסו למצוא קצב אחיד, לא מהיר מידי, לא איטי מידי, שיאפשר לכם לעבוד בצורה רציפה למשך 7 דק'!!!

Part 3-

4 sets of 5 reps each arm- DB muscle clean (bicep curl) + press.

WOD 181020


Bent over row- 5-5-5-5-5


7 RFT-
100 met suitcase carry 40/24kg
1 strict press
2 push presses
3 jerks
* From the floor

RX= 50/30kg

WOD 181019


5 sets of-
4 back squat + 1 front squat.
* its a 5 reps set. Once you finish the back squat bring the bar back to the rack and start the front squat with no rest.
* build your sets gradually.


"The other Cindy"
5 L-chin ups
15 jumping squat
25 Double unders

L-chin ups-
1. strict chin ups
2. kipping pull ups

Double unders-
1. lateral jumps over bar.

WOD 181018

Part 1-

 Pull ups work-
5 reps of weighted pull ups followed by 5 strict pull ups
* Total of 5 sets

Part 2-

For time-
HPC 60/40kg


Part 1-

3 min AMRAP-
Power snatch 70/45kg

2 minutes transition.

3 min to establish max of the day- Squat snatch.

rest 5 minutes

Part 2-

in couples-
16 minutes AMRAP-
2-2-4-4-6-6-8-8.. etc
devil press 22.5/15kg
DB step ups

workout demo

WOD 181017


Floating deadlift- 3-3-2
Deadlift- 2-1-1-1


For time-
5 thrusters
10 box jumpx
10 thrusters
10 box jumps
15 thrusters
10 box jumps
20 thrusters
10 box jumps

RX= 42.5/30kg

WOD 181016

Part 1-

Build heavy set of- power clean + jerk

Part 2-

every 2 minutes for total of 16 minutes- 1 HEAVY (~90%) power clean & jerk
* choose the heaviest weight possible that you can lift without misses!!!

Part 3-

8 burpees
12 T2B
16 air squats

WOD 181015

In couples-

10 Rounds for time-
21/18 Cal row
150 Double unders
9 Bar muscle ups

מטלה קצרה, אימון מאתגר!!!!
נסו לחלק את העבודה במכשיר החתירה לחצי.. המטרה היא חתירה בספרינט.
היום יהיה סקייל קצת שונה לדאבלים- מוזמנים להעיף מבט בתיאור הסקיילינג


Row– are you kidding me???

Double unders– Unloaded BB Lateral Jump Overs This movement requires an athlete start with an empty barbell, with no loaded plates or clips. The athlete will start, standing parallel to the bar, with both feet on one side of the barbell. To perform a repetition, the athlete can then jump laterally with two feet to the other side of the barbell, or step over the barbell, finishing each repetition with both feet in contact with the floor on the opposite side of the barbell.

Bar muscle ups– strict C2B/pull ups

WOD 181014

Part 1-

3 position squat snatch-
1st- of the floor
2nd- low hang
3rd- high hang

* Build heavy set..

Part 2-

12 OH lunges (using plate)
12 Ground to OH (same plate)
12 atomic sit ups

WOD 181013

Strength work-

6 sets of-
15 Double KB deadlift
AMRAP of ring dips
* it's a "super set"- after 15 DL's go to the rings dips with no rest in between..


3 RFT-
400 met run
20 sit ups
10 burpees to target

WOD 181012

Part 1-

5 sets of AMRAP of- Handstand push ups
* rest 90 seconds between sets.

המטרה כאן היא לתרגל את התנועה המורכבת כל כך, כל אחד בגרסה המתאימה לו- זה יכול להיות עם הגבהה לראש (כריות), עם הגבהה לרגליים או אפילו shoulder taps..

Part 2-

In couples-
10 X 16 meters D-ball carry (switch rolls every 16 meters)
40 medball pull ups (10/4kg)
8 X 16 meters D-ball carry (switch rolls every 16 meters)
30 medball pull ups (10/4kg)
6 X 16 meters D-ball carry (switch rolls every 16 meters)
20 medball pull ups (10/4kg)
4 X 16 meters D-ball carry (switch rolls every 16 meters)
10 medball pull ups (10/4kg)